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Enter the Hall of Champions!

Posted October 27, 2021
Enter the Hall of Champions!

The Hall of Champions awaits with our brand new wave of official Brawlhalla merchandise designed by Mikoto Tsuki in partnership with our friends over at Blue Mammoth Games! Relive the heart-pumping arena action you know and love with the Moonlit Legends tee, or immortalize your triumphs with two battle-ready pins! Each item comes bundled with a physical code that unlocks the Yetee Toros skin and weapons pack. To the victor goes the spoils!

Moonlit Legends

Embrace your inner champion with this mashup of epic heroes from Brawlhalla. The darkness calls, are you ready for battle?

Legend's Blade

Get equipped for the round of heated battle with this enamel pin that's sure to bring an edge to any battle you find yourself in! Just be sure to keep your wits about you.

Incoming Explosion

Combust your way into the competition with this explosive enamel pin that's sure to bring down the house. Light that fuse and run!