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Enter the Fortress

Posted May 24, 2023
Enter the Fortress

Get ready to dodge through some boss doors with our brand new wave of official Mega Man merch in partnership with Capcom! Get a little help from some friends with the Beat spring and Eddie flip pin or take on your greatest foe with a new acrylic standee. But that's not all, we've also got a new 1UP cap for all those extra life needs. A boss fight awaits!

1UP Black Cap

Gain a much-needed edge over the competition with the 1UP classic black cap. No powerups required!

Beat (Spring Pin)

Get the drop on your enemies with the dynamic Beat pin affixed with dynamic spring wings. The early bird gets the health pickup!

Eddie (Flip Pin)

When the fight gets a little tough it's nice to have some extra hidden help. Sometimes all you is just need a little backup!

Mad Doctor's Fortress

There's only one thing left to do... Time to finish the fight!