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Enchanters... Welcome to the Aureylian Store!

Posted April 24, 2020
Enchanters... Welcome to the Aureylian Store!

Hail and well-met travelers! We are excited to announce a brand new partnership with Twitch streamer Aureylian. We are launching a brand new collection in the Yeteemart for all you Glitterdust Enchanters— below you will find three magical items to help you on your journey!

Glitterdust Enchanter Tee

Join the Glitterdust Enchanters Guild with this Royal Blue tee with front and back printing— designed by Natasha Petrović!

Glitterdust Pin

Wear your badge of guild membership with honor! This hard enamel pin also designed by Natasha is perfect for showing off your Glitterdust Enchanters Guild pride!

Glitterdust Lanyard

Lose keys… schmoose keys! Keep all the keys to your kingdom secure with the Glitterdust Lanyard… also ALSO designed by Natasha Petrović!