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Drive on the Upbeats!

Posted May 12, 2021
Drive on the Upbeats!

Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dance your way through the gauntlet of beats and monsters with our second wave of official Everhood merch designed by Mikoto in partnership with Foreign Gnomes! Can you survive the conflux of time, or are you destined to wander through the timeless infinities for all eternity?

Game Master

Down here the rules are always stacked against you, and trust us, the house always wins. Why not come play a game or two...

Red + Blue

The dichotomy of choice, the rhythmic dreams fly by and all that’s left is the beat. You either live or die by the measures!

Blue Thief

Be careful that this dude doesn’t take any more than he deserves. That little bag can carry way more than you think.

Green Mage

When the spells start to fly there’s no telling where the world’s gonna go. Keep an eye out, It may very well just slip right out from under your feet!

Rasta Beast

A powerful downbeat might just be exactly what you need right now. Wow, brute force can truly fix anything!