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Dia de los Muertos

Posted June 29, 2023
Dia de los Muertos

Get your brawl on with our brand new lineup of official Guacamelee merch in partnership with Drinkbox Studios! We've got two new tees, an acrylic standee, and a dynamic spinning pin all designed by Mikoto and all available now. So charge up those fists because the Mexiverse awaits!

Legendary Luchador

Get your flex on and strike a victory pose in style with this vibrant golden tee. This farmer can do more than sow a few seeds!

Into the Melee

Join in on the festivities and begin your trials to become the ultimate champion. There's plenty of candy to go around!

Batalla de Jefes

Get ready for the ultimate showdown with this Secret Stage acrylic standee showcasing the battle of the bosses! Go on, place your bets.

Pollo Power

Get yourself a little speed boost with the dynamic Pollow Power enamel pin featuring wicked fast drumsticks. What's this thing run on anyways?