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Daydream Believer

Posted May 06, 2022
Daydream Believer

Get ready to spruce up your garden of clothes with a brand new lineup of Springtime merch from our friend miski! We've got a stunning teal zip-up hoodie featuring a double sleeve print along with front and back floral prints, as well as a matching tote that comes with two free stickers, and an adorable enamel pin all available now!

Spring Varsity Zip-up

Spring has arrived on campus with this gorgeous zip-up hoodie that's sure to keep those Spring breezes refreshing all season long!

Spring Varsity Tote

Got somewhere to be? Bring the beauty of spring wherever you go with a tote bag that'll keep all your springtime treasures nearby! Comes with two free transparent stickers.

Forget Me Not

No matter how many petals you pluck there's always a question that still hovers… Is it snack time yet?