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Dance Kitten Dance!

Posted October 23, 2020
Dance Kitten Dance!

Get ready to come out of your shell and claw up the rug with these two brand new items designed by PixelEyeBat! Whether you’re into heart-pounding rhythm or just helping out your plumber pal get from castle to fire-filled castle, we’ve got you covered!

Kitten Kitten Revolution

Left... Right... Down! Double Down! Wait how many pads are there to press?! Make sure you stay on your paws when you're on the stage with this awesome tee! Nine lives and a cute sticker included!


I can’t believe it... we’ve almost made it to the end of the level! Wait, how high is that platform? Snag yourself this 1.25" tall pin today and get to the castle no matter what!

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♫  You can dance if you want to, but don’t leave your lizard friend behind!  ♪