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Beware the Orb!

Posted February 09, 2022
Beware the Orb!

Embrace your inner skeleton with a brand new wave of magically cursed objects from 1000 Dead Draculas! Ever have the urge to ponder that orb? Do you ever find that everything in your life is positively dangerous? Well, then do we have what your mortal husk desires! Suit up with a new morbidly accurate longsleeve tee featuring printed sleeves and adorn your world with signs of the times! When they said YOLO we think they really meant that...

Grave Mistake

Show off your beautiful skeletal structure with this longsleeve tee featuring sleeve printed designs! It’s just bones all the way down!

Orbs Abound

Take a journey through the magical world and come out the other side changed forever with this mystical sticker pack! And they said that pondering was only for the most advanced in the arcane arts. Pshh!

Cursed Objects

Assess the natural risks of the mortal world with this handy dandy sticker pack! Sometimes you just need a little reminder of what things you should or should not avoid…