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Awesome Games Done Quick 2022

Posted January 09, 2022
Awesome Games Done Quick 2022

This weekend our friends over at Games Done Quick are hosting their annual speedrunning marathon event Awesome Games Done Quick over on Twitch in support of the Prevent Cancer Foundation. AGDQ 2022 is gonna be full of wicked fast speedruns, glitch exhibitions, relay races, bonus run incentives, giveaways, and more from the best runners from around the world!

One hundred percent of all donations made during AGDQ will go directly to the Prevent Cancer Foundation, the only U.S.-based nonprofit organization solely dedicated to cancer prevention and early detection in order to Stop Cancer Before It Starts!

Awesome Games Done Quick 2022 starts today, Sunday January 9th, and will be running all week long until the 16th so don’t miss out!

 Check out the full AGDQ 2022 Schedule here!

We are super proud to continue our partnership with this incredible event to help the people over at Games Done Quick with their amazing cause as well as the work that the Prevent Cancer Foundation does for the entire world! All week long we will be donating the profits of every item sold in our AGDQ 2022 Collection directly to the Prevent Cancer Foundation in order to help the fight against cancer!

Head on over to our Games Done Quick Collection to to check out all the awesome merch and tees that our artists friends have designed for this rad event! We can’t wait to sit back and watch all those awesome games get crushed with all of you this week. Scope our entire lineup of tees for the event here! As for the rest of the merch, let’s take a look!

Event Tee

It’s time to pop in that tape and hit the fast-forward button. Things may appear faster than they are, but we assure you, it’s exactly as intended…

Event Pullover Hoodie

For those times when you just need to sit back and relax. The Event Pullover Tee is perfect for soaking up all that classic CRT fuzz in the comfort of your gaming room!

Insulated Bottle

Keep your beverages perfectly acclimated with the official AGDQ 2022 insulated bottle! For when you need to stay hydrated all year round!

Collector's Pin

Adorn your favorite attire with this analog relic enamel pin designed by Marc Junker (aka VIDEO-20XX)! Sometimes the old becomes new, a Mobius strip of nostalgia if you will!

Out of Bounds Acrylic Stand

When the glitching starts, things start getting a little… strange. Designed by LLK, this adorable little standee will have you hitting the out-of-bounds zone with your pal Velocity from the comfort of your shelf in no time!

Mascots Sticker Pack

Decorate your world with the fastest mascots around with this sweet sticker pack of GDQ mascots designed by LLK & Jaime Ugarte. Keep an eye on ‘em, they’re liable to go really really fast!

Finale Patch

Like all good things, they must come to an end... Immortalize the events of AGDQ 2022 with the Finale Patch designed by Drew Wise. Emblazoned with the final donation total, you’ll be making codec calls left and right like a real boss!