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Amphibian Allure

Posted March 02, 2022
Amphibian Allure

Hop on over to paradise with our brand new lineup of official Here Comes Niko merch in partnership with our friends over at Gears For Breakfast and Frog Vibes! We’ve got an absolutely adorable plush of everyone’s favorite little frog pal as well as an accessory fit for an amphibian in the form of a hat— perfect for laying out in the sun on any old lilypad you may find! This is one merch drop you tadpoles will find positively ribbeting. Let’s spring on over and take a looksie!

Friendly Frog Plush

They may be cute, but they run things around this little archipelago so frog-get about slacking off! Oh, and if you find the handsome one, please let us know!

Niko Frog Hat

Cap of that look with this little fella. Perfect for dress like your boss day or any sort of managerial work you may find yourself in!