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Posted April 14, 2020

Slide in your favorite VHS tape and get ready to pet some cats because the unique collaboration between Amaro & Video-20XX has returned! In addition to a long-awaited restock of the classic longsleeve tee, the collection is back in a radical way with two brand new Limited Edition designs!

Back by popular demand, the classic AMARO-VIDEO longsleeve tee has returned! This soft and comfy black tee with printed sleeves is ready to soothe you with its iconic design and soft inks that’ll leave you purring for hours!

Get radical with this tie-dye twist on the original longsleeve tee! AMARO-VIDEO (𝕋𝕀𝔼-𝔻𝕐𝔼) features the same unique design as the iconic original AMARO-VIDEO longsleeve with a machine washed cyclone tie-dye finish that’ll have you surfing vapor waves in no time! This new Limited Edition design is available until April 24 @ midnight CST!

Show off your colorful side with the brand new AMARO-VIDEO (SPLATTER) short sleeve tee! Featuring vibrant pink, green, and yellow splatter, the classic AMARO-VIDEO design has never been more vibrant! Splatter it up with this brand new Limited Edition design -- available until April 24 @ midnight CST!

AMARO-VIDEO (𝕋𝕀𝔼-𝔻𝕐𝔼) & AMARO-VIDEO (SPLATTER) are a timed Limited Edition Pre-order only available until April 24th at midnight CST!

*Pre-orders expected to ship by May 8, 2020