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AGDQ’s Record Breaking Generosity

Posted January 19, 2022
AGDQ’s Record Breaking Generosity

This past weekend marked a historic milestone for our friends over at Games Done Quick! Their annual AGDQ speedrunning marathon wrapped up its 2022 incarnation with an epic run of Metal Gear Solid by dlimes13 to a whopping final donation total of $3.41 million! This mind-blowing grand total was met through the awesome generosity of fans and sponsors of the event like us and marks a new record-breaking total for the event's contributions to the Prevent Cancer Foundation to date!

Speaking of awesome milestones, we are super proud to share that with our $122,638 contribution during AGDQ 2022, The Yetee has surpassed $2 million in total donations for GDQ sponsored charities over the past decade! We feel so humbled to know that we have such an amazing community of artists and passionate fans that help make our GDQ dreams come true each and every year. Thank you all so much for being there and helping us support each and every event. We could not have achieved what we have without all of you!

To help celebrate this awesome occasion, we wanted to take a little retrospective look back at the past week of incredible runs and showcase a few standouts from the 100+ roster of games shown off during the marathon. To help us narrow down just a few of the fan favorites, we reached out to our artist community on Discord to see which ones caught their eye. Here were some of the responses we received:







Thank you so much to everyone who reached out to share their favorite runs! It’s always a blast to see which games or moments stand out most to people throughout the event. Honestly, that’s one of the best parts of Games Done Quick marathons really, there’s always something for everyone, and a surprise here or there that no one ever sees coming!

If you’d like to check out the recordings of each run— scope out the Games Done Quick YouTube channel where they have uploaded each and every run from the event for your viewing pleasure!

See you all for Summer Games Done Quick!