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A Worldwide Journey!

Posted August 03, 2022
A Worldwide Journey!

Go out in search of fortune and glory with our exclusive variant of CAPCOM’s soundtrack to the hit 3D fighting game Power Stone by Tetsuya Shibata. Pressed on Yetee Records exclusive Aquamarine Swirl vinyl in partnership with Ship to Shore PhonoCo., this atmospheric funk, melodic jazz, and direct-to-keyboard orchestral jam is here to take you on a trip around the world!

Originally released in 1999 on the Sega Dreamcast as well as appearing in arcade format via the Sega Naomi System, Power Stone is an addictive arena walloparama that has remained a firm favourite for those who first played it twenty-two years ago. Featuring brand new artwork by Mike Luckas as well as liner notes by Anthony John Agnello, Power Stone is an incredible audio experience that fans will not want to miss!

Check out this distributed title and more awesome albums over at Yetee Records