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A Sticker Filled Year

Posted July 20, 2020
A Sticker Filled Year

This week we are celebrating Stickermoon, our monthly subscription service where we send a uniquely curated theme of stickers straight to your doorstep! For only $9 shipped anywhere in the world, we’ll fill up an envelope of art that you can stick anywhere you slap ‘em! From fun, quirky illustrations of our favorite games and characters to outlandish and hilarious memes that’ll keep you laughing for days— Stickermoon is an absolute blast that’ll keep you coming back each and every month to see what we’ve cooked up next.

In the name of celebration, we thought it would be fun to get a little retrospective… So join us as we take a look back into the past of Stickermoon!

Prompt: Let’s Make Stickers - April, 2019
Artists: @dreweyes@glenoneill@marcjunker_, @paperbeatstweet@SamuraiCorndog, @sleepybidesign

Prompt: Springing Around - May, 2019
Artists: @dreweyes@haimeh_ugarte@kimmotman
@paperbeatstweet, @pixeleyebat, @TravisPixels
@video20xx, @YukaOmatic

Prompt: Summer Vibe Check - June, 2019
Artists: @beardswin@dreweyes@Gardenarcade
@studioIlustrata, @YukaOmatic,

Prompt: Futurewave - July, 2019
Artists: @999DeadDraculas@dreweyes, @haimeh_ugarte,
@paperbeatstweet, @pixeleyebat, @sleepybidesign,

Prompt: Definitely Not E3 - August, 2019
Artists: @999DeadDraculas, @dreweyes@haimeh_ugarte,
@paperbeatstweet, @sleepybidesign, @YukaOmatic

Prompt: Back To School - September, 2019
Artists: @999DeadDraculas, @dreweyes, @haimeh_ugarte,
@kimmotman, @TheNazzaro

Prompt: Spooky Stuff - October, 2019
Artists: @999DeadDraculas@dreweyes@haimeh_ugarte,
@paperbeatstweet@PeculiarTiffany, @SamuraiCorndog,

Prompt: Good Autumn Eats - November, 2019
Artists: @999DeadDraculas@dreweyes@Haimeh_ugarte,

Prompt: Frozen Peaks & Frigid Beaks - December, 2019
Artists: @999DeadDraculas@dreweyes, @Haimeh_ugarte,
@Kimmotman, @paperbeatstweets
@TravisPixels, @YukaOmatic

Prompt: ***Prompt Not Found*** - January, 2020
Artists: @999DeadDraculas@dreweyes, @Haimeh_ugarte,

Prompt: Warm Fuzzies and Love - February, 2020
Artists: @999DeadDraculas@dreweyes@fenomenomx,

Prompt: Let’s Get Orbital - March, 2020
Artists: @999DeadDraculas, @dreweyes, @kimmotman,

Prompt: Spring Cleaning - April, 2020
Artists: @999DeadDraculas@CarlDoonan@Haimeh_ugarte,

Prompt: Big Big Big Monsters - May, 2020
Artists: @999DeadDraculas@Paperbeatstweets@Sixtybones,
@Sleepybidesign, @studioIlustrata@YukaOmatic

Prompt: Bugz n’ Birdz  - June, 2020
Artists: @999DeadDraculas@haimeh_ugarte, @miskiart,
@pixeleyebat, @TravisPixels

July is Cool Treatz
August is Cats/Dogs

If you'd like to get in on some of the packs we will be releasing next— swing by our Stickermoon subscription page and start getting the joy of Stickermoon delivered to your mailbox each and every month! With fresh new designs and themes from the best artists here at The Yetee and beyond, each and every month is guaranteed to be a wholly unique and special surprise each and every time you crack a pack. What are you waiting for? Sign up today and start slinging some stickers with us tomorrow!

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