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A Quaint Getaway

Posted March 01, 2021
A Quaint Getaway

A brand new wave of merch has just launched over in the PixelEyeBat Collection! Get ready to boot up your very own adventure with three brand new giclée prints featuring your favorite video game systems, or beat up some magical foes from around the galaxy in the absolutely adorable aqua Moon Fighter tee! A world of possibilities is just a second away. Let’s take a look.

Moon Fighter

The planets are in alignment, the roster is set, now all that’s left to do is fight! Will you be the hero everyone’s been hoping for? Only time and combos will tell…

Joyfun Ramen

Sit down a spell and take a load off your mind with this high-quality print measuring 14” x 11”. Be sure to ask for Kaedama!

Remote Clinic

Calibrate your motion plus movements with this vibrant 11” x 14” print. Staying in sync with your health is easy when you’ve got access to the best clinic around!

Yokai & Watch

Keep up with the times and play some mini games with this moody print that’s definitely more than just a handful! Coming in at 11” x 14” there’s plenty of vacancies for you and your friends to stay as long as you want!

Looking to complete your PixelEyeBat print collection? Check out our previous print from this series available over in the YeteeMart!

1989 Dot Matrix Lane

Slide in your favorite cartridge and kick your feet up on the stoop of this comfy little abode and let the day melt away. Don’t forget to bring some batteries!