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A Mysterious Journey Awaits…

Posted April 05, 2021
A Mysterious Journey Awaits…

We've got three brand new items available for pre-order in The Darkside Detective Collection today for all you would-be sleuths out there! So dig out that flashlight cause there's no telling what you might uncover near the bottom of this transmission...


There’s something strange goin’ on round these parts... So keep them peepers peeped because you never know when the next anomaly might occur!

McQueen Pin

Trying to get to the bottom of what’s been going on sometimes involves so light reading. Just be to bring a friend along to get ya outta the tough spots!

Dooley Pin

While it ain’t quite what he signed up for he’s the best partner anyone could ask for. Just be sure you’ve stocked up on plenty of snacks to make it through the night!

In addition to these brand new items launching, we are running a limited-time 10% off sale on all previous items in The Darkside Detective Collection. The sale will be running until April 19th so be sure to scope the deals while you can detective!