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A Dimensional Rift Has Opened!

Posted October 14, 2020
A Dimensional Rift Has Opened!

Grab your trench coat and solve some mysteries this week as we take you deep into the bizarre and downright mind-bending twists and turns of Twin Lakes with the official Darkside Detective collection! Francis McQueen and the rest of the Darkside Division are deep inside another dimension, are you ready to fine tune your sixth sense?

Twin Lakes

Support the local forestry and parks department with this official Twin Lakes National Park tee! Just be sure to not hike the trails at night, or wander past the designated trails, or look behind you as you walk, or…

Blood Wolves

Lead those tenderfoots into always being prepared! Or you could just get to doin' while the doin's good ya hear?

Detective Sticker Kit

Keep track of this dimension by decorating it in an official Darkside Detective Sticker Kit! We wouldn't want to go sleuthing without the proper tools now… would we?

Point & Click Into The Darkside Detective Collection Now!