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A Culinary Quest Awaits!

Posted September 04, 2020
A Culinary Quest Awaits!

It’s dangerous to cook alone! Take these wonderful culinary relics and bring the adventure of gourmet cuisine to the comfort of your own home with The Legend’s Cookbook and accessories! Available for the first time outside of the successful Kickstarter campaign, The Legend’s Cookbook is finally ready to adorn your shelf and enhance your cooking skill! Equip yourself for the journeys ahead and start your very own Culinary Quest today! Hey! Listen… Is that the timer?

The Legend's Cookbook

Available in hardcover, softback, and digital variants— The Legend’s Cookbook is the #1 guide to Legendary Eats! Filled from cover to cover with decadent recipes and nerdy feasts from world-renown chefs, The Legend’s Cookbook is an essential addition to anyone’s sous-vide repertoire! No dubious food here!

Snag the digital version of The Legend’s Cookbook here.

Legend's Cookbook Champion's Apron

Adorn the garment of a Legendary Chef with the Champion’s Apron! This rugged piece of equipment is the perfect way to stay nice and tidy while you’re adventuring through the dungeons of delicacy! +12 Armor!

Legend's Cookbook Conversion Poster

Straight from the pages of the elders, this conversion poster is the perfect companion to any experienced or novice chef! Even Heroes of Legend need a reference sheet for the basics from time to time!

Legend's Cookbook Sticker Sheet

Stay stocked up on what you need most with this lovely stylized sticker sheet! Keeping your potions and cold hard cash with you wherever you go has never been easier!

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