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1000 Dead Draculas' Little Pin Shop of Horrors

Posted June 30, 2020
1000 Dead Draculas' Little Pin Shop of Horrors

We have three positively spoopy enamel pins designed by 1000 Dead Draculas hitting the YeteeMart shelves today! If you're a fan of ghastly toilet hands or the rocking husk that is the human skeletal system, boy have we got something in store for you, literally.

Friendly Toilet

This friendly little toilet pal's in search of some softly woven ply sheets. What are you waiting for? Grab a roll and come to the rescue!

Squatty Specter

Something’s reaching up from under there— keep an eye out and don’t let it grab you. Sometimes it’s best to take care of your business swiftly...

Bone Chair Activated

Get to rocking and leave your corporeal self behind with this fiery take on this rattling chair of horrors. Oh and, did we mention this one's on fire?

To snag these pins and other awesome designs swing by the 1000 Dead Draculas Collection over on the YeteeMart!

Also, if you'd like to learn more about Natasha and her artistic journey, scope the interview we did with her and the 999 other Draculas here on the blog!