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Posted November 04, 2020

Get ready to adjust your VHS player's tracking because we've got a brand new wave of curated merch by VIDEO-20XX glitching its way onto the YeteeMart today! Planning on taking a trip down nostalgia lane or mapping out your next static-filled adventure? You're going to need a rear-projected portal to make the journey possible!

Please Be Kind

Be courteous to your fellow tape-heads and press that button when you’re done! Available in both long sleeve and sweater variants, these super comfy screen printed tops feature fully printed sleeves with authentic VHS to thread conversions. Press [ ► ] and have a nice day!

The BIDEO Denim Cap

Keep the CRT glow out of your eyes with this premium faded denim cap featuring the “VIDEO” [ビデオ] Japanese logo in eye-watering static-green with custom interior labels and lining that rep the "VIDEO-20XX" brand!


Equip yourself for the journeys ahead with the official “VIDEO” [ビデオ] Japanese logo pin. Affixed to a fully fuzzed out backing card. There’s an electronic buzz in the air— Can you feel it?

TV-VCR Combo (Jumbo Holo-Sticker)

Flip on the tube and let the ethereal mist of black and white fuzz carry you off into a prismatic world of colors and reflective sheen with this jumbo 3.5" x 4" premium holo-sticker! A fragmented world is just a dial turn away!

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