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Yellow #5 (Purple Vinyl)

by Mustard Plug

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One of the more melodic, interesting bands of ska's third wave, the group's "Yellow #5" features a mix of melodic choruses and horn charts, loudly distorted guitar and upbeat punk or rock beats. Fans of early Bosstones would like this a lot, and Plug gets extra points for not succumbing to easy novelty lyrics, instead writing about the more introspective sides of life and love - Reno Gazette

Released in 2002, the eleven energetic anthems on Yellow #5, were self- produced by Grand Rapids' ska band, Mustard Plug for maximum FUN. The album features fan favorite tracks "Not Enough", "Just A Minute", & "In Your Face". Mustard Plug continued to tour the world bringing ska and punk to the people. For Fans Of: Skankin' Pickle, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Against All Authority Purple Vinyl Variant

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