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Vampire Survivors Vol. 1 (Blood Red Splatter 2LP)

by Daniele Zandara & Will Davies

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No one was prepared for Vampire Survivors to come crashing into the indie game scene the way it did. Poncle’s debut title combined slick, roguelike bullet-hell gameplay with a cheeky-but-undeniably-rad gothic aesthetic to craft a brew that players found impossible to put down. Since the game’s debut, countless mortal hours have been spent firing all manner of projectiles at all manner of undead beings in graveyards, haunted mansions, mad forests and beyond. And each of those hours have been made all the richer thanks to Vampire Survivor’s incredible soundtrack.

Part-sendup, part-tribute, but still wholly original, Survivor’s synthy soundtrack, crafted by the superduo of Daniele Zandara and Will Davies, harkens back to vampire-slaying franchises of yore. But it does so in a decidedly modern soundscape, exploring things that were impossible on old soundchips. The resulting music is epic, nostalgic, and unexpected, packed with rad riffs and high-impact drum fills alike.


Disc 1

Side A

1. Reincarnated Echoes
2. Copper Green Intent
3. Gaze Up at the Stars
4. Before Concession
5. Vempair Survaivors

Side B

6. When the Clouds Drown
7. No Mortals Allowed
8. Unholy Invocation
9. Needs More Fighting
10. The Beginning
11. Red & Blue

Disc 2

Side C

12. Gatti Amari
13. Song of Mana
14. Peji 18
15. Moms are Tough
16. Sole Solution

Side D

17. Dust Elementals
18. Temptation of the Occult
19. The Eudaimonia Machine
20. Cosmic Delight
21. It Stares Back
22. Extinguished Flame


  • Pressed on 2 Blood Red Splatter Vinyl
  • Album artwork by Nimit Malavia

Available at Superjumbo Records in Downtown Aurora, IL.

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