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The Wake (Yellow/Blue Swirl Vinyl) RSD'24

by Voivod

Product Details

Voivod's "The Wake" on Yellow/Blue Swirl Double Vinyl: A Cosmic Journey Unfolds!
Prepare to embark on a sonic odyssey like no other as Canadian sci-fi progressive metal pioneers Voivod unveil their magnum opus, "The Wake," on stunning Yellow/Blue Swirl Double Vinyl! This exclusive Record Store Day 2024 release, brought to you by the prestigious Limited Run Vinyl label, is a collector's dream come true. With just 1000 vinyl copies available worldwide, this is your rare chance to own a piece of musical history.

"The Wake," Voivod's 14th studio album, is a groundbreaking masterpiece that earned its place in the annals of metal history. Hailed by Rolling Stone as one of the "Best Metal Albums of 2018," this album is a testament to the band's unrivaled creativity and boundary-pushing artistry. With 8 tracks and 56 minutes of exhilarating extraterrestrial metal, it's a cosmic journey that takes you to the outer reaches of imagination.
This Record Store Day exclusive not only features the album's intricate musical tapestry but also boasts a gatefold jacket with lyrics, allowing you to dive deeper into Voivod's enigmatic world.

The Yellow/Blue Swirl vinyl is a visual and auditory marvel, complementing the album's post-apocalyptic concept. The D-side is etched with the classic Voivod logo and graphics, adding a touch of mystique to this limited edition release.
Mastered for vinyl by the renowned Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound, "The Wake" is presented in all its analog glory, ensuring that every note and nuance shines through. This is your chance to experience the concept of "The Wake," a post-apocalyptic narrative that explores the human condition, redemption, and transformation in the face of a crumbling world.

Prepare to be transported this Record Store Day to a world where music transcends time and space! Get ready to wake up to the cosmic soundscapes of Voivod like never before!

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