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The Last of Us 10th Anniversary Vinyl Box Set

by Gustavo Santalalla
Pre-order Item! Ships in Q3, 2024

Product Details

The 2013 video game The Last of Us developed by Naughty Dog for PlayStation® launched a media franchise with video games, tabletop games and a TV show. A decade after its release, the game is still regarded as one of the greatest video games ever made through its narrative and effective gameplay.

Celebrate a decade of emotional storytelling and memorable melodies with "The Last of Us 10th Anniversary Vinyl Box Set," an auditory journey through the post-pandemic acclaimed game franchise. Immerse yourself in the soul-stirring compositions of two-time Academy Award-winning composer Gustavo Santaolalla, as this limited edition, individually numbered release features music from the original The Last of Us and The Last of Us Volume 2 albums.

Pre-Orders Are Limited and Ship Q3 2024.


Side A
1. The Quarantine Zone (20 Years Later)
2. The Hour
3. The Last of Us
4. Forgotten Memories
5. The Outbreak
6. Vanishing Grace
7. The Hunters

Side B
8. All Gone
9. Vanishing Grace (Innocence)
10. By Any Means
11. The Choice
12. Smugglers
13. The Last of Us (Never Again)
14. The Last of Us (Goodnight)
15. I Know What You Are
16. Home


Side C
17. Infected
18. All Gone (Aftermath)
19. The Last of Us (A New Dawn)
20. All Gone (No Escape)
21. Vanishing Grace (Childhood)
22. The Path
23. All Gone (Alone)
24. Blackout

Side D
25. The Way It Is
26. Breathless
27. The Last Of Us (You and Me)
28. All Gone (The Outside)
29. The Path (A New Beginning)
30. Returning


Side E
31. Fleeting
32. All Gone (Seasons)
33. Evasion
34. All Gone (Partners)
35. Cause and Effect
36. All Gone (Reunion)
37. Stalking

Side F
38. Left Behind (Together)
39. The Capitol
40. Head Rush
41. Wandering
42. All Gone (Overcome)
43. Unstable


Side G
44. The Last Of Us (Astray)
45. Answers
46. Drawn In
47. Apprehension
48. The Path (Vacant)
49. Convergence
50. Shadows

Side H
51. No Mercy
52. Fleeting (Affection)
53. Extinction
54. Consumed
55. Left Behind

    • Pressed On 4 140g Red and Blue Vinyl
    • Box Art Designed by Ashraf Omar
    • Includes 2 Exclusive Lithographs

    Available Q3 at Superjumbo Records in Downtown Aurora, IL.

    Made with care in Aurora, IL

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