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Talk About Suicide

by The Yetee
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Tee Color: Black

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We are splitting $5 per shirt to these two terrific organizations.
The Trevor Project is aimed at preventing LGBTQ suicide, as they are consistently one of the groups most at risk of completing suicide:  
Hope For the Day is aimed at ending the stigma surrounding mental health and suicide through proactive prevention and education: 
Whether you choose to acknowledge it or not, suicide has impacted your life in some way. We don't need statistics from the CDC to know that it seems like everyone these days is dying by their own sword. 
But if you DID need statistics from the CDC, know that 41,000 of your fellow humans in the US completed suicide last year, and a study that was just released states that there has been a 25% increase in the number of suicides performed since 1999.
We should probably talk about suicide then huh?
In late July 2017, I (Joel) lost another friend of mine to suicide, and ever since then I have been unable to shake the idea that I should be doing something to help stop these preventable tragedies from happening. 
After sitting in my sadness for a bit I realized the biggest problem related to suicide isn't a lack of resources, it's that we don't talk about suicide, so we don't know where our resources are. 
We will openly discuss breasts and breast cancer, erections and erectile dysfunction, colons and colon cancer, both on television and over coffee, but mention suicide or mental health and all of a sudden THAT'S taboo? Why is that?
Why is our body taken care of with annual trips to the doctor, and our teeth cleaned every six months at the dentist, and our eyes and vision checked every so often, but go talk to a therapist to make sure you're comfortable alone in silence and sleeping properly and fully appreciating the amazing life you have in front of you and all of a sudden you won't go there?
There is no branding or fun designs or artwork on this shirt because it isn't meant to be a fashion accessory. 
This shirt isn't printed to make my good friends at The Yetee money.
This shirt is printed to help break this stupid stigma around suicide and mental health. Period.
TALK ABOUT SUICIDE is printed right there on the chest in big bold letters so you can help pierce the veil and hopefully end this stupid silence surrounding suicide.
Why is this shirt only $15? 
This shirt is $15 because the three words on the shirt and the discussions they instigate are more important than turning a profit because who the hell needs a profit if all of our friends are dead. No joke. This isn't funny. My friends are dead.
This shirt is $15 because, in addition to simply meeting costs for the printing, The Yetee is donating money to The Trevor Project and Hope for the Day with every shirt that's sold. 
Hope For the Day is an organization out of Chicago, Illinois that has created an engaging educational curriculum focusing on proactive mental health and suicide prevention that resonates with people as they stand by their slogan: IT'S OK NOT TO BE OK.
The Trevor Project focuses on suicide prevention in the LGBTQ population  who are considered much more high risk because a staggering ONE IN THREE human beings in the LGBTQ community has not only considered suicide, but attempted.
I could go on, and I have, but again, the goal of this shirt isn't to make anyone money, it's to start the conversation. And we need you to have the guts to wear it and have the guts to talk about suicide. Also, we need to have guts to go talk to a therapist if we need to. You have permission to feel any way you feel like feeling, friend. Feel away.
Lastly. If you personally, ever need me, and I am probably a stranger to you, please contact me at and I will connect you with someone who can help you. No joke. Talk about suicide with me, please.
Screenprinted with care in Aurora, IL.

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