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Slice of Life: Songs From Wholesome Games

by The Yetee
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Product Details

Slice of Life: Songs from Wholesome Games is a collaboration between Wholesome Games and the community's defining games: Ooblets, A Short Hike, Spirtfarer, Wattam, Kind Words, and many more. In keeping with Wholesome Games' mission of creating a more inclusive game industry for creators and players alike, all proceeds will be donated to Galaxy Fund, a first-of-its-kind grant for women, BIPOC, and LGBT+ founders of game development studios.

This charity vinyl compilation is available on limited edition 180g purple vinyl and comes in a beautiful sleeve with gorgeous artwork by mushbuh. Includes a 12" insert with credits & liner notes. All tracks have been carefully mastered for vinyl by Christian Bethge at RAMA Tonstudio.

Side A

1. Somewhere in the Woods - A Short Hike
2. Spring Jive - Wattam
3. Farm (Winter)* - Snacko
4. Summer Bar (Day Theme)* - Garden Story
5. Twinkle Town* - Ooblets
6. Luna's Theme* - Potionomics
7. Main Theme* - Onsen Master
8. Turbine Town* - Here Comes Niko
9. Lila's Waltz* - The Spirit and the Mouse
10. Amayadon* - Rainy Season
11. Hoa's Theme (Vinyl Version)* - Hoa

Side B

1. Starting Again* - Assemble with Care
2. Light Garden* - Kind Words
3. Makisu Melody* - Rolling Hills
4. Hello Little Spider* - Webbed
5. Fruit Circus* - Button City
6. Appie Foothills* - Chicory
7. The Villa* - Lonesome Village
8. Chai Tea and Tai Chi* - Pekoe
9. A Cat is a Cat* - Calico
10. Song of Growth (Piano)* - Spiritfarer

Songs with an (*) are presented for the first time on vinyl as part of this collection. A Short Hike and Spiritfarer have both contributed new mixes that are exclusive to this collection.

These copies are overstock with slightly damaged jackets. "98% Health." The vinyl contained within is in excellent condition. We'd like to sell all the copies in our possession to benefit the charity.


Made with care in Aurora, IL

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