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Neon White Soundtrack Part 1 “The Wicked Heart” (Neon Red & Purple Splatter Vinyl)

by Machine Girl

Product Details

The music of Neon White draws inspiration from turn-of-the-millenia electronica, evoking mental flashbacks of PlayStation 2 and Dreamcast startup screens. It’s a brilliantly constructed soundtrack, built the way only the electronic punks known the world over as Machine Girl could. This is music for freaks, by freaks, and it needs to be heard to be believed. 

What better way to hear it than with a proper iam8bit vinyl release? Angels, say hi to the Neon White Soundtrack Part 1: “The Wicked Heart” 2xLP. It’s more than an hour of weirdo-approved Machine Girl music, pressed on Neon Red and Purple Splatter vinyl. 

You want some hot throwback album art, too? We’ve got it. Artist Rebecca Ryan nailed the old-school aesthetic, and Neon White creator Ben Esposito brought the album’s design together into one triumphant package.

Volume 1 features the finest tracks built for Neon White’s uber-fast and uber-frantic speedrun-style gameplay, the kind of synthy strains and chords you can really grind your teeth to.


Disc 1

Side A

1. Glass Ocean
2. Virtual Paradise
3. Vainglorious Chorus
4. Sin to Win!

Side B

5. Pendulum
6. Cloud Nine
7. Hellion
8. Fight or Flight

Disc 2

Side C

9. House of Cards
10. The World to Come
11. Rigged Game
12. Angel's Peak
13. Solitary Grace

Side D

14. The Wicked Heart
15. False Witness
16. Thousand Pound Butterfly
17. Hand of God
18. Mission Complete (Not Bad for a Dead Guy)


  • Pressed on Neon Red & Purple Vinyl
  • Album design by Ben Esposito
  • Artwork by Rebecca Ryan

Available at Superjumbo Records in Downtown Aurora, IL.

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