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Mejor De Los Nuggetz: Garage & Psyche From Latin America RSD'24

by Various Artists

Product Details

Record collectors of all eras are familiar with the legendary Nuggets collection of garage band hits assembled by Lenny Kaye. Hoping to capture that lightning in a bottle, numerous subsequent collections sprang up, including this one of Spanish-language artists with their own down ’n’ dirty tracks, as well as covering garage classics, British Invasion hits, and other sonic delights. While the inspiration for this collection has been the enduring trend and influence of American garage and psych bands from the ‘60s, it is an introduction to the amazing variety of Latino rock from that era.
This is the fuzz and fury of Rock En Espanol, with all the punk and pop elements that make it immediately listenable. Spanish interpretations of classic American and British songs that became popular around the world. This set comprises sixteen tracks including covers of many 1960s hit classics like “96 Tears”, “Woolly Bully”, “The Letter” and “Hey Joe” along with versions of The Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction” and “Paint it Black”, The Who’s “My Generation”, The Kinks “You Really Got Me” and The Yardbirds “Train Kept a Rollin”.
Also featured are four bonus tracks of classic radio station IDs (including XERB/XERF, home to Wolfman Jack and inspiration for the cult classic film Border Radio), plus era-specific Volkswagen and Coca-Cola ads.
All pressed on limited edition magenta vinyl.

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