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Mega Man Legends 2 - Original Video Game Soundtrack

by Ship To Shore Phono Co.
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Yetee Records is very proud to present an exclusive variant of Mega Man Legends 2 - Original Video Game Soundtrack on 2XLP. This is a special partnership with Ship to Shore Phono Co.
Continuing on from the Mega Man franchise’s transition from 2D to 3D graphics as seen in Mega Man Legends, Capcom infused this sequel with improved gameplay, graphics and a much more complex plot - and of course, a soundtrack to match.
Previously only released in 2009 on CD (under the title Rockman DASH 2) as part of the Capcom Special Selection run of limited edition art books, Mega Man Legends 2 now make its debut commercial appearance - on both vinyl and audio cassette - complete with new artwork by mushbuh and liner notes by Jeremy Parish. The score is epic in scope, touched with a mischievous playfulness to match the game’s sense of humor. 
“Alright then, let’s have some fun with Mega Man!”
Side A
1. Title
2. Flutter
3. Yosyonke City
4. Yosyonke City (Junk Shop)
5. Calinca Tundra
6. Yosyonke Abandoned Mine
7. Yosyonke City (Gallery)
8. Calinca Ruins
9. Calinca Ruins (VS Rimblemenji)
10. Icefield
11. Sulphur-Bottom (Guest Deck, Crew Deck)

Side B
1. Pokte Plains
2. Pokte Village
3. Manda Ruins
4. Manda Ruins (VS Bola)
5. Calbania Plains 1
6. Kito Village
7. Calbania Plains 2
8. Glyde's Base (Front of Base)
9. Glyde's Base
10. Kito Caverns

Side C
1. Ruminoa City
2. Ruminoa City (Protect the Entrance)
3. Guild Ruins
4. Ruminoa City (VS King Glydon)
5. Nino Ruins
6. Nino Ruins (VS Klaymoor)
7. Oasis
8. Kimotoma Caverns
9. Kimotoma City (VS Blitzkrieg)
10. Kimotoma City
11. Saul Kada Ruins
12. Saul Kada Ruins (VS Gustaff)

Side D
1. Sulphur-Bottom (Geetz)
2. Sulphur-Bottom (VS Geetz)
3. Defense Area
4. Residential Area
5. Mother Zone
6. Mother Zone (VS Sera First Form)
7. Mother Zone (VS Sera Second Form)
8. Staff Roll (US-EU Version)
9. Epilogue
10. Game Over

Mega Man Legends 2 © CAPCOM. STS-124. Does not include Download code.

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