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Gris (Gray Vinyl)

by Berlinist

Product Details

To describe Gris as simply a game is to tell only a fraction of the story. This stunning debut from Barcelona’s Nomada Studio is a transcendent experience - an artistic odyssey through a world of color - impossibly imaginative landscapes and jaw-dropping architecture. It’s a cathartic hero’s journey, not simply punctuated by sound, but driven by a haunting score that fully transports the listener to a watercolor infused paradise. In intimate collaboration with Nomada, iam8bit has created a 2xLP exudes fantastic beauty. This is a treasure for any vinyl collector to behold.

The Verge called it “one of the most beautiful games ever made.”

IGN called it “a visual masterpiece.”

GameSpot said, “The ways in which it reinvents itself as you gain powers and dive ever deeper into this world is truly special, and just as it knows exactly when to pull back the camera or introduce a new song, it's keenly aware of when it's time to say goodbye. Like a comet streaking across the sky, Gris is full of wonder and beauty and leaves you with a warm glow in your heart."


Disc 1

Side A

1. Mae
2. Gris, Pt. 1
3. Debris
4. Lift
5. Meridian
6. Chiasm
7. Incipit
8. Perseverance
9. Boundary
10. Windmill

Side B

11. Opaque
12. Komorebi
13. Environments
14. Tobu
15. Karasu
16. Symmetry

Disc 2

Side C

17. Rain
18. Komorebi II
19. Descent
20. Sparks
21. Ascension

Side D

22. Unagi
23. Firmament
24. Comparison
25. Gris, Pt. 2
26. In Your Hands
27. Circles

  • 2LPs pressed on Gray Vinyl
  • Artwork by Conrad Roset

Available at Superjumbo Records in Downtown Aurora, IL.

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