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Gimmick! OST (Clear Vinyl)

by Kageyama Masashi
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Criminally overlooked on its original release on the Famicom in 1992, Gimmick’s popularity has increased substantially over the years… and for good reason. Its fluid gameplay, enticingly unique design and enemy AI mechanics are just some of the reasons why the game is passionately cherished by those in-the-know.

Masashi Kageyama’s score is sublime: a classic representation of game music composition for the 8-bit generation while also standing alone as an awe-inspiring piece of work in its own right. That those lucky enough to have enjoyed the game in days gone by will also get a kick from the nostalgia value is just the cherry on top.


Side A
1. Good Morning
2. Happy Birthday
3. Good Weather
4. Slow Illusion
5. Paradigm
6. Lion Heart
7. Cadbury
8. Strange Memories of Death

Side B
9. Aporia
10. Identity Believer 
11. Long Tomorrow
12. Just Friends
13. Sophia (Take 2)
14. Paradox
15. Innocent
16. No Limits 
17. Siesta 
18. Good Night (Take 2)
19. Evidence of My Life
20. Cadbury (Alternate)

Available at Superjumbo Records in Downtown Aurora, IL.

Made with care in Aurora, IL

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