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AMGHAR - The Godfather of Tuareg Music - VOL. 1

by Abdallah Oumbadougou

Product Details

'Amghar: The Godfatdher of Touareg Music - VOL. 1' is the first career retrospective of the legendary, late Tuareg innovator Abdallah Oumbadougou, who is considered the Godfather of the Tuareg / Desert Blues genre and was a primary influence of current artists Bombino and Mdou Mocktar.


Disc 1

Side A

1. Illilagh Teneré
2. Wirhin Titiwé Tchi Higren
3. Afrikya

Side B

4. Tenertin Taranin Tenertine Ounour Nin
5. He Teneré
6. Tabsiq Dalet

Disc 2

Side C

7. Nigsar Tenere
8. Imidiwan
9. Iwouksane
10. Tigrawahi Talgha

Side D

11. Dague Oudouniya Zagzag Bass Tchilla
12. Afrikya [Live]
13. Le Iwitian Ourgueza Gueakelen
14. Sarho Nawan

  • Remastered songs by GRAMMY winning engineer Michael Graves.
  • Includes 14 songs and 6 previously unreleased tracks.
  • Liner notes by historian Andy Morgan.
  • Cover artwork by illustrator Diana Ejaita.

Available at Superjumbo Records in Downtown Aurora, IL.

Made with care in Aurora, IL

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