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Godzilla VS Kong OST


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Waxwork Records is excited to present GODZILLA VS KONG Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL (Army of the Dead, MAD MAX Fury Road)! Godzilla vs Kong marks the fourth in Legendary Pictures’ titan universe. Godzilla & King Kong are back and they’ve led us to the center of our hollow Earth. In this movie, directed by Adam Wingard, tech mogul “Apex” and a band of conspiracy theorists, tech moguls, and scientists try to harness the power of the center of the earth to defeat a suddenly violent Godzilla and return King Kong to his original home. Junkie XL delivers a score that convinces you that this coalition of outcasts from across the world has to be correct. Huge orchestral arrangements perfectly match the intensity level of the multi-level coverup that hides the truth about the hollow earth theory. The composer complements awesome battles with sweet flashes of humanity from the two monsters, leaving hearts both racing and breaking for the creatures. Waxwork Records is thrilled to present the official double LP score with 180 gram “Godzilla” & “King Kong” colored vinyl, deluxe packaging, heavyweight gatefold jackets with matte coating, 12×12 art print, and more!

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