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From Far It All Seems Small: A Compilation From Seattle's Underground

by Various Artists

Product Details

Fourteen new and previously unreleased tracks from some of the most exciting current bands from Seattle, Washington's vibrant alternative-rock underworld. Continuing in the spirit of regional compilation albums like 1988's Sub Pop 200, From Far It All Seems Small serves as a snapshot of the contemporary Seattle scene.

"From Far It All Seems Small jumps off the speakers with an onslaught of fuzz and an abundance of hooks. You might find yourself flipping the sleeve over, expecting to see a release date from the 1990's, but no, these are Seattle's finest here and now!" - Jackson Long (KEXP, HMS Studio)

"A wonderful document of the current moment of Seattle indie." - Ole Johnson (Painter Man Records)

"A collection of songs that will get stuck in your head by Seattle's best alt-rockers" - Ellen Rumel (PNW music photographer)

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