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What Makes A Man Start Fires?

by Minutemen

Product Details

A1 Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs (1:27)
A2 One Chapter In The Book (1:00)
A3 Fake Contest (1:44)
A4 Beacon Sighted Through Fog (1:00)
A5 Mutiny In Jonestown (1:06)
A6 East Wind/Faith (2:10)
A7 Pure Joy (1:30)
A8 '99 (1:00)
A9 The Anchor (2:30)

B1 Sell Or Be Sold (1:45)
B2 The Only Minority (1:00)
B3 Split Red (0:52)
B4 Colors (2:05)
B5 Plight (1:37)
B6 The Tin Roof (1:08)
B7 Life As A Rehersal (1:35)
B8 This Road (1:26)
B9 Polarity (1:44)

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