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ℱⓘe𝕝𝒹 ᗷ𝔞g ➁.0->"RGB."

The coveted VHS Field Bag returns. "Field Bag 2.0" is an improvement on the first line of bags and has new thicker materials so the bag retains a more firm shape (no matter what is stored inside). It also has new strap printing that pops and is more durable.

The strap reads [VIDEO TAPE - VIDEO-20XX] and the label features the RGB Roses Video-20XX emblem.

Designed by R23X aka VHS Stills aka Marc Junker.

Limited edition bag. Measures 6" x 8" x 2". Adjustable strap. Fits a VHS tape, original Gameboy, or a Switch Lite perfectly, among other objects. VHS tape not included! Also available in Black.



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