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OST(1).rar Longbox CD

by R23X
Included: R23X - OST(1).rar Digital Download Get a free digital download of R23X's "OST(1).rar" when you purchase a physical copy.

Product Details

"A new journey awaits..."

R23X's debut album OST(1).rar. Originally released in 2014, now available for the first time on Compact Disc. 

Deluxe Sega CD-style longbox designed by Jason Cryer. First 50 copies include a special giclée art print of R23X illustrated by Merlemage. Includes immediate Digital Download "RAR" file of full album + high-res desktop wallpaper/phone BGs.

Music written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by R23X.

ある23エクス "RPG 。*゚OST"


Limited edition of 150. Housed in Sega CD-style Long Box. Shiny reflective compact disc. Includes immediate digital download of album and RAR file containing desktop background files. YTR-00023X

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