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Included: Digital Download - Neo Tokyo Get a free digital download of Neo Tokyo by Lifted Traces when you purchase the vinyl! The digital download will automatically be added to your cart.
Neo-Tokyo - Neo-TokyoNeo-Tokyo - Neo-Tokyo

Product Details

The first release from Lifted Traces, 'NEO TOKYO' was written and recorded on vintage synthesizers. Performed live on the 7th of December, 2018 in an immersive theatre at Austin School of Film. This is the official studio recording of their re-score to AKIRA.



All music written, performed, and recorded by: Joey Postiglione on EML 101, Oberheim OB-8, Roland D-50, Serge Modular, and Arp Odyssey. Patrick Edwards on PPG Wave 2.2, Sequential Circuits Prophet VS, Ensoniq ESQ-1. Juan Cisneros on DX7, General Midi, and Digitone


YTR-00048. Limited edition of 100 Solid Red Cassettes. This is a pre-order expected to ship by August 2019.


Made with care in Aurora, IL

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