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Synthetic Core 88

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Included: Synthetic Core 88 Digital Download Get a free digital download of Synthetic Core 88 upon purchase of the physical copy!

Product Details

A collaboration between Equip and Drew Wise, Synthetic Core 88 is a JRPG soundtrack for a game that doesn't exist! So grab your party, get ready to save the land from ultimate evil, and chill to the sweet jams of SC88! This is an all-new 2021 repress (due to popular demand) on"Dark Beacon Teal" wax with a fresh new obi strip.


"A girl named Flora awakens from the distant past, only to find her home in ashes and destruction. She must venture out into the familiar unknown for any chance of survival. Along the way, she encounters strange friends and foes, utilizes incredible devices & vehicles, and deciphers the calamity that ultimately lead to the planets demise. What awaits at the end of her dystopian journey?"

The title of the LP and music contained are a tribute to the Roland SoundCanvas- the SC88. Synthetic Core 88 was made entirely on SC88 hardware and it's built in effects.

Physical edition contains bonus track by R23X

Limited Edition 12" on "Dark Beacon Teal" Wax. Includes digital download upon purchase. Obi strip designed by Marc Junker aka R23X.

Made with care in Aurora, IL

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