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Equip & R23X - Nameless Dreamers Cylinder Record

by Equip & R23X
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Included: Equip & R23X - Bejewelled Grotto and Exploring Quartz Temple Digital Download Free download with the purchase of Bejewelled Grotto and Exploring Quartz Temple on Phonograph Cylinder!

Product Details

The Nameless Dreamers present “Bejewelled Grotto” and “Exploring Quartz Temple” available on Edison Cylinder Phonograph Record.

These are bespoke analog phonograph recordings that are playable on Edison Amberol Phonograph systems. Each cylinder is hand-made, recorded in real time, and hand packaged with immaculate attention to detail.

Packaged in Navy and Cardinal storage tubes. 

Nameless Dreamers - Bejewelled Grotto & Exploring Quartz Temple by Equip & R23X

Includes immediate digital download of Bejewelled Grotto and Exploring Quartz temple. Also includes a deliciously lo-fi rip of the audio captured from a real Edison Phonograph player!

These two new tracks from Equip and R23X (aka the “Nameless Dreamers”) encapsulate a new aural experience. Immerse yourself in a JRPG-inspired fantasy world expertly crafted by R23X and Equip!

Made with care in Aurora, IL

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