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Stardew Valley OST Cassette (Winter)

Pre-order Item!
Included: Stardew Valley OST Digital Download Digital download of abridged Stardew Valley OST, free with purchase of the cassette tape!

Product Details

Become the budding farmer you were always meant to be with our official release of ConcernedApe’s soundtrack to Stardew Valley on cassette! Featuring artwork from Byron B, and available on a new Winter White shell, this lovely little tape is here to whisk you away on a seasonal journey of tranquil and soothing compositions! Featuring 36 hand-selected tracks by composer ConcernedApe!


01. Stardew Valley Overture 
02. Cloud country 
03. Grandpa's theme 
04. Settling in 
05. Spring (It's A Big World Outside) 
06. Spring (The Valley Comes Alive) 
07. Spring (Wild Horseradish Jam) 
08. Pelican Town 
11. Summer (Nature's Crescendo) 
12. Summer (The Sun Can Bend An Orange Sky) 
13. Summer (Tropicala) 
14. Country Shop 15. Calico Desert 
16. Luau Festival 
17. The Stardrop Saloon 
18. Dance Of The Moonlight Jellies


20. Fall (The Smell Of Mushroom) 
21. Fall (Ghost Synth) 
22. Fall (Raven's Descent) 
23. The Library And Museum 
24. Sun Room (Alone With Relaxing Tea) 
25. Stardew Valley Fair Theme 
26. In The Deep Woods 
27. Mines (Cloth) 
28. Mines (A Flicker In The Deep) 
29. Mines (The Lava Dwellers) 
30. Winter (Nocturne Of Ice) 
31. Winter (The Wind Can Be Still) 
32. Winter (Ancient) 
33. Winter Festival 
34. Night Market 
35. Submarine Theme 
36. A Golden Star Is Born


Limited Edition "Winter Variant." Artwork by Byron B. Layout, design, and art direction by Marc Junker. Mastered for cassette by Marc Junker (aka R23X). 

This is a pre-order, limited time, seasonal item, only available through the end of February, 2022. Expected shipping in January.

Click here for more info about our pre-order policy.

Made with care in Aurora, IL

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