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I Dreamed of a Palace in the Sky (2XLP)

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The Dream Begins Again...

Equip’s classic debut “I Dreamed Of A Palace in the Sky” is once again available on deluxe double LP. Since its 2016 release, this album has attained classic status in the vaporwave realm. With it’s memorable melodies, RPG-inspired sound palette, and dream-like atmosphere, Equip broke new ground in the vaporwave scene while expanding the confines of the genre.

Out beyond the edge of consciousness, a journey awaits. Unfurling before you like a coil, the fabric of time and space begins to expand in tandem with your mind as you awaken in this newfound world. Branching out past the horizon of forests and mountains lays a serpentine valley of paths shrouded in mist. Welcome to the next level. Which path will you choose? The one of fame, riches, lost love— perhaps you are even seeking yourself within this catacomb of dreams? Beware: Entering this magical world isn’t the problem. Try getting out… 

Spanning 25 tracks and clocking in at over an hour, this classic sounds fresh again on a new vinyl variant, including a fresh obi strip designed by Marc Junker aka R23X. 

Limited edition of 100 "Floating Garden Swirl" Yetee Records exclusive variant from 100% Electronica. 2XLP does not ship with download code.

Made with care in Aurora, IL

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