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Guardia: The X-Strike Sessions

by The Yetee
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Included: Guardia: The X-Strike Sessions Digital Download Get a free digital download of Guardia: The X-Strike Sessions compilation upon purchase of the 10" vinyl record.

Product Details

Limited overstock available while supplies last.

Featuring R23X, Lena Raine, Smooth McGroove, Joel Corelitz, Equip, Slime Girls, and bryface. 

(Order of appearance on sampler: Lena Raine, Smooth McGroove, Joel Corelitz, Equip, Slime Girls, bryface, and R23X).

Curated and mastered for vinyl by R23X (aka Marc Junker).

10" vinyl record featuring an Animated Lenticular Cover designed by Drew Wise.

The second release in the "YTR X" series—eclectic compilations pressed on 10" vinyl, packaged in a deluxe animated lenticular jacket.

A1 - R23X - A Premonition (mystic flip)
A2 - Lena Raine - Corridors of Time (Live Mix)
A3 - Smooth McGroove - Main Theme (Acapella)
A4 - Joel Corelitz - Memories of Green 
B1 - Equip - Secret of the Forest (Giant Orbweaver Mix)
B2 - Slime Girls - WIND SCENE
B3 - bryface - crow note rigger (DS Version)

YTR-00056. Limited edition of 500. Includes MP3 Digital download upon purchase. Mechanical Licensing and Digital Distribution by Materia Collective. Physical pressing, manufacturing, and distribution by Yetee Records, a division of The Yetee LLC. 

Made with care in Aurora, IL

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