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Amaro Late Night Coffee

by Miski
Sold Out!

Product Details

Miski, Modest Coffee, and The Yetee LLC present a new dark - Full City + roast for Spring 2022.

These Arabica SL 14 beans are carefully produced in Bukalasim, Uganda by Endiro Growers Bukalasi Women’s Group. Grown at an altitude of 1830 MASL, Amaro Dark Roast Coffee boasts an earthy, rich, dark chocolate flavor with a medium body and bright acidity. These beans are fully washed and ready for your daily grind. Whether it’s rolling out of bed from a night out or burning the midnight oil, Amaro Dark Roast Coffee is great for anytime of the day.

Some people enjoy a late night brew, and who are we to say they shouldn't? 

Contains one 10 oz bag of coffee bundled with one sleepy Amaro sticker. 

Roasted and Packaged by Modest Coffee in West Chicago, IL and shipped with the utmost care from Yetee HQ in Aurora, IL.

Made with care in Aurora, IL

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