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by ESPRIT 空想
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Product Details

Yetee Records has partnered with 100% Electronica to present this exclusive color variant!

ESPRIT 空想 is an alias for George Clanton that has been running concurrently with the George Clanton & Mirror Kisses projects since 2012. Broadly speaking ESPRIT is the more vaporwave-leaning side of George Clanton. Over time, the lines have become more blurred between George Clanton and ESPRIT, and now the projects are more separated by the way they can be performed live more than anything else. is the album that started to blur those lines. Released in 2014, one year before 100% Electronica, is significant in being one of the first "vaporwave" albums to be comprised of original compositions.

Limited edition of 100. Yetee Records exclusive variant color. Does not include digital download.

Made with care in Aurora, IL

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