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EarthCade (7") Black Variant

by R23X
EarthCade (7") Black Variant - EarthCade (7") Black VariantEarthCade (7") Black Variant - EarthCade (7") Black Varianttheme_cover - EarthCade (7") Black Varianttheme_disk - EarthCade (7") Black Variant

Product Details

This is the lost misprinted BLACK VARIANT... now available in limited quantities with ALL-NEW Japanese variant sleeve! Featuring music created by R23X for the EarthCade project:


EarthCade is a Clothing & Accessories Brand based on a pixelated, self-sufficient arcade dedicated to Video Games, Clean Energy, Inclusiveness, & Earth's Conservation!

$1 from every record sold will go be donated to The Ocean Cleanup:

A collaboration by Drew Wise & Marc Junker!

This item is expected to begin shipping by April 2019.

Made with care in Aurora, IL

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