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Anodyne Original Soundtrack

by Sean Han Tani
Pre-order Item! Ships by 08/15/2019
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Anodyne Original Soundtrack - Anodyne Original SoundtrackAnodyne Original Soundtrack - Anodyne Original Soundtrack

Product Details

The official soundtrack for the adventure game Anodyne; the 16-bit-era-esque musical companion to the your adventure through the natural, urban and abstract landscapes in the mind of the human Young.

All music here is copyright of Analgesic Productions LLC and Sean Han Tani/Sean Hogan. All rights reserved. Ships with download code.

Artwork by Drew Wise.
Also available on the Yetee Records Bandcamp.


This is a limited edition of 100 tapes and is a pre-order expected to ship by August 2019.
Made with care in Aurora, IL

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