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Anodyne 2 Original Soundtrack LP

by Melos Han-Tani
Included: Anodyne 2 Original Soundtrack - Digital Download Get a free digital download of the Anodyne 2 soundtrack upon purchase of the physical OST.

Product Details

The Dust Awakens.

The Anodyne 2: Return to Dust Original Soundtrack pays homage to multiple decades and histories of video game music from the NES to contemporary times, as well as a wide canon of electronic, dance, classical music and more. That is, it builds upon the work of both famous and well-known composers, to composers with small Soundcloud or Bandcamp followings. It also builds upon the sounds and textures we hear every day.

Housed inside a high-quality jacket featuring artwork from the game's very own Marina Ayano Kittaka, this vinyl soundtrack is limited to 300 copies! Mastered by Marc Junker (aka R23X), this single LP features 26 hand-selected tracks and liner notes from composer and game developer Melos Han-Tani.

Made with care in Aurora, IL

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