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Yetee Records Starter Kit Giveaway

Posted November 05, 2020
Yetee Records Starter Kit Giveaway

We’ve just launched a super cool giveaway for a custom Yetee Records branded U-Turn Orbit turntable with an acrylic platter for all you veteran or would-be vinyl collectors out there! Featuring an all-white plinth and an AudioTechnica 91B cartridge, this rad turntable is an audiophile’s dream!

Capable of rotating your favorite albums at 33 & 45 RPM, this Yetee Records turntable also comes with a set of three super-rare mystery test pressings! Want to own a sweet new turntable, and some pieces of Yetee Records history? Head on over to the giveaway page and enter now! Absolutely no purchase necessary! The giveaway runs until Tuesday, December 1st.


Check out our entire catalog of awesome Video Game soundtracks and Vaporwave albums now over at Yetee Records!