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Meet Stacie

Posted October 26, 2020
Meet Stacie

Welcome back to our Meet The Yetee series where this time Jacob has caught up with Stacie, our Marketing Associate and Lead Photographer, to take a deep dive into all of her happenings in and around Yetee HQ! A lot of you may not know Stacie, yet, but I know many of you are familiar with her work and all of the awesome things she does here at The Yetee! Without further ado— let’s Meet The Yetee!

Jacob: What’s your job title at The Yetee and what do you do here?

Stacie: I'm a Marketing Associate and Lead Photographer at The Yetee. I take pictures of the items that we have in stock in the warehouse. I also post some images on our Instagram. I also handle some back end tasks like reorganizing the front page and looking at analytics.

Jacob: How long have you been working at The Yetee?

Stacie: About 4 years.

Jacob: What is a day in the life of Stacie?

Stacie: I get my lazy bum out from bed and get ready for work. I then drive to work, clock in, and open my click up task to see what I have to work on for the day. It will vary day to day. There would be a day where I'm just taking pictures all day, editing all day, or a mix of both. There are other days when I'm planning the Instagram feed and see what I should showcase for the month. Sometimes, I’ll get a random idea like a product, marketing strategy, or a topic to talk about in a meeting. I would take my breaks with my boyfriend, Kevin. We aren't in the same department so we meet up in the lunchroom. For lunch, I would warm up Kevin's and I lunch and would give our co-worker, Jason, rice I would pack from the day before. I'm trying to make it my goal to make him sick of rice but I found out that's going to be hard because he really loves rice.

Jacob: What’s your current camera specs?

Stacie: 1/100 10f ISO 100 White Balance: Custom. I don't know how I ended with these settings but I didn't do them on purpose.

Jacob: What sort of photo setup do you have to get the perfect product shots?

Stacie: To tell you the truth, I can't think of one because no matter how perfect you try to make an image, there is always a way you can improve it. Also, I think I haven't found a setup I like. One reason, I have a standard setup I would use depending on the item. Secondly, I just like making little adjustments to improve the setup. Third, I just like finding ways to improve what I have. If I accept I have a perfect setup, I feel like I'll never improve myself. If I think that my current setup is great, I want to make it better.

Jacob: What programs do you use during your photo editing sessions?

Stacie: Just Photoshop, Camera Raw, and Adobe Bridge

Jacob: What’s been one of your favorite photographs you’ve ever taken?

Stacie: If you are just talking about my work at The Yetee, I don't have one because I'm never satisfied with any of my images. I believe there is always room for improvements in each image. But if you are just asking about any casual image I would take on my phone, then I would have to say any images that have my boyfriend, Kevin, or my sister's dog, Haru. I miss my boyfriend all the time, even if he is just on the other side of the warehouse. Also, Haru is a cute tiny dog. I also like taking panoramas of interiors and landscapes. Panoramas are nice to use on your phone because you can make the image look like your phone has a wide-angle lens on it. I like just this method because I like taking pictures on a budget. Since I started to cook recently, I love making my food look nice so I can post it in my group chat.

Jacob: What’s been one of your favorite Upcycling projects for The Yetee?

Stacie: The Drawstring bags.

Jacob: Are you an environmentally conscious person?

Stacie: To a certain extent. I don't have reusable zip lock bags or use tote bags all the time but I like to reuse any glass jar from food containers and portion bigger food items to make them snack size, instead of buying the snack size items. I like keeping glass jars and using them for multiple things like storing kimchi when my 1/2 gallon kimchi jar has a little bit of kimchi and I want to make room in the fridge. Then I will reuse that kimchi jar to store other stuff like flour, sugar, rice, etc. I'm trying to make some sauces too so I would use the smaller glass containers for those. I've been watching my food portions, so I would buy a big bag of chips or Chex and portion it in smaller reusable containers so I'm being mindful of how much I would eat. I also like using glass jars to pour my cooking oil into and then throw it into the trash because that's not good to put in your kitchen sink. Another thing I like to do is to buy a gallon of concentrate cleaner and just use that to refill my spray bottles. That will last me a while because all I have to do is dilute it with cold water.

So TLDR I like reusing stuff that I buy.

Jacob: What’s the fastest time you have ever solved a Rubik’s cube?

Stacie: I don't know, I was too drunk to remember. There was a time Kim challenged me to solve it in five minutes and I think I did it in like three minutes but that's slow to the Rubik’s Cube World. I’m kind of rusty with it but once I refresh myself with the basics, I can get back into it.

Jacob: Do you have any pets? Are they a big part of your life?

Stacie: No. Haven't had one since 2012. We had to put him down and I miss him a lot. He was my first dog that we got from the very beginning of his life to the end. He was such a sweet boy. I'm not ready to have one right now but I'm sure I want one for the future. Right now I'm ok with hanging out with my older sister's dog, Haru. That dog is crazy. My sister and I think she is a cat stuck in a dog's body sometimes. Haru would climb on the couch like it was a cat tree. Haru would hang out in the cat tree with my sister's cat, Momo.

Jacob: What is your favorite video game?

Stacie: Kingdom Hearts, I have a funny relationship with Kingdom Hearts. I have loved Kingdom Hearts since the beginning but I wasn't expecting to have one of my sister's names to be Kairi. So when my older sister, (Let's call her Ate) and I just got done playing Kingdom Hearts 2, my stepmom tells us that she is pregnant and she was asking for names. So Ate and I were being weebs and started naming off Kingdom Hearts characters, Sora, Riku, then Kairi. My stepmom sat on the names for a while but I guess she Googled if anyone named their kid Kairi and saw there wasn't a lot, so she stuck with the name. So I have a little sister named Kairi. Now here is where it gets funnier, because Kairi was born around the same time Kingdom Hearts 2 came out, I literally saw how much time has passed from the release of Kingdom Hearts 2 to Kingdom Hearts 3. So when people would make the analogies like, "Omg, it's been like 12 years since Kingdom Hearts 2 came out!" I know! I'm literally looking at it! It's my sister! Not only do I have a sister that was born around the time when Kingdom Hearts 2 was released, I have another sibling that was born when the first Kingdom Hearts game was released! So I'm literally looking at the ages of when Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 were made. What the Heck!

Jacob: What are some of your hobbies outside of photography?

Stacie: I'm a seasonal crocheter, because for some strange reason, I like to do it in the winter. Besides that, I've been cooking more lately. I've accidentally made Filipino chicken adobo one day. I was just messing around in the kitchen and just throwing in ingredients in the pan like vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, and then as I was simmering it, the dish had that similar adobo smell. After I looked up the ingredients for chicken adobo, that's when I realized that all the items I thought were random were ingredients for adobo. I've also been trying to make Yakitori, I can just use any skewer but it looks nice when you use the bamboo skewers.

Jacob: What's your all-time favorite food?

Stacie: Aiyah! That's like asking what's your favorite child. I can't make up my mind. I like sago, puto (not the swear word, the Filipino rice cake, Google it), matcha, Thai iced tea, taho, boba, halo halo, taiyaki, takoyaki, kare kare, champurrado, haemul pajeon, chicken joy, ramen, curry, know, basic stuff.

Jacob: What has been your favorite memory while working at The Yetee?

Stacie: Throwing a printer off the old warehouse building. I guess the printer has been broken and it never ended up in the trash. So what's a better farewell than throwing it off the roof! We recorded it but I guess the memory card got corrupted so we lost the footage.


From product photos that show off all the awesome items we have for sale to keeping an eye out on what you all like to see in the store— Stacie is an integral part of the crucial behind the scenes work we do here at The Yetee! I know for a fact that I have hit her up multiple times to get the scoop or a photo of a new launch or item hitting the store for some of the blog content you see here! Her photography skills are just incredible and the pride she takes in her work is honestly motivating. To give a little context to some of her photography work she’s done... one of my favorite product shots she did recently was for our Legend’s Cookbook launch! She just captured that feeling of Fall and the cover of the cookbook so well by taking some nature shots right outside of HQ! Check this out!

Thank you Stacie for all you do here!